Smaldone Chiropractic in Kingston, NY

what is chiropractic

If you ask 10 different chiropractors what chiropractic means to you will probably get ten different answers . Chiropractic simply put it is a hands on approach to allow the body to heal itself by relieving nerve pressure caused by bone or muscle. 

What is a Chiropractic Subluxation?


When most people think of a subluxation they think of a joint that temporarily moves its juxtaposition in the joint, and then spontaneously reduces itself. Let me assure you that is not what we are referring to. Chiropractic subluxation is caused when the spine rotates, or muscles press upon the joints, discs, or nerves exiting the spine, causing pain in the neck,back, legs, or arms. other signs of subluxation can be: headaches, dizzyness, trouble breathing, bowel problems, fatigue, carpal tunnel, and allergies.


How do you cure Chiropractic Subluxation?


Chiropractic Subluxation is a mechanical injury caused to the body and simply cured by an adjustment, stretching, specific massage, and exercise.


Can Chiropractic cure everything? 

No. Chiropractic simply relieves pressure put on the body by injury or trauma. Then body simple heals its self.

What is the popping sound?

First of all, not all adjustments make a popping sound. It is simply a side effect and not the goal of an adjustment. If you ask your chiropractor not to make the cracking sound, it can be easily done while attaining the same effect. The actual popping sound is caused by gas being released from the joints during the creation of space in them. It’s like pulling a plunger off a floor and making that popping sound. The articular cartilages in the joint are wet, and when they get stuck together they make a popping sound when separating them a certain way.

If I start coming, do I have to keep coming?

Absolutely not. Most patients have their problems resolved in a matter of 6-12 weeks. Then they are on their way and often like to maintain their alignment once a month.