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How to find a chiropractic office in Kingston that accepts no fault insurance as payment? (for all those people asking, yes we do accept it)

Often times after a severe car accident the last thing we want to do is be looking for a chiropractor that will accept our no fault insurance. Yet many chiropractors don't accept no fault. "Why" you ask? the answer is simple over the course of the last couple decades chiropractors have found it extremely hard to get paid for their services from certain insurance agencies. So they foten decide just not to accept no fault insurance what so ever.

In reality the only person this hurts is not the insurance companies but the patients. Patients experience longer wait times and discomfort while trying to find a chiropractor that can help them. Research study after research study continues to prove the crucial role chiropractic plays in rehabilitating patients after a car accidents etc. Not only does chiropractic often help people get better faster but it also cost the insurance companies less money in many cases. Here are some sure fire ways to make sure you end up in the right office that will take care of your needs:

First, the easiest way to find out if a chiropractor in Kingston accepts no fault is just call and ask? "Do you accept no fault insurance as payment?"
The good answer- If they say simply "yes we do". you are good to go.
The bad answer- If they give you some run around answer like oh maybe, blah blah blah just hang up and try another place.

Next, you want to make sure you are getting the proper treatment. Many chiropractors treat patients differently? Some chiropractors spend a average of 90 seconds with a patient and some spend 10 minutes or so. Often times for a quick maintenance adjustment a 90 second adjustment is fine. But when you are injured in a no fault case the practitioner needs to take his/her time and move slowly. So the longer one on one time usually the better.

Ask the office staff: "how long does the doctor spend one on one with you?" Make sure to say "one on one time" because some chiropractors hop back and forth to different patients increasing patient time but not providing increased quality of care.

Ask the staff, "how ruff is the chiropractor?" If your in a lot of pain from a car accident do you really want someone who is a gorilla? or do you want someone who will be gentle with you.

Lastly, ask: "Does the chiropractor uses modalities like cold laser, electric stim, and exercises?" These are aids to help you heal. If the chiropractor is just adjusting you often times it may not be enough in no fault cases.