Smaldone Chiropractic in Kingston, NY

Myofascial Release

When a person injures their body, a number of things happen as a result. One of the main things that occurs is swelling in the area in order to provide stabilization to the injured structures. Swelling is a so-called natural splint the body produces. Over time if not treated properly. This swelling turns into scar tissue. Once scar tissue forms, collagen fibers (AKA scar tissue) form in it form a cross-like pattern in order to stabilize the area.  However, this formation is not optimal usage of what ever muscle / ligament it is in, because the line of force in each muscle is usually unilateral or bilateral; not multilateral (like scar tissue forms).  Hence, the scar tissue is much weaker than normal fibers in the body. This leads to constant ripping and re-injury of the body and never allows it to heal. Myofascial release, simply put, reorganizes the scar tissue through the use of deep tool based therapy, to allow the fibers in the body to reorganize for the proper line of force being applied on a daily basis.
Myofascial release is most commonly used for and is a great adjunct with chiropractic therapy for: Carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome, neck pain, and low back pain. We do myofascial release in our kingston and new paltz offices in conjuction with chiropractic adjustments.