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Chiropractors in Kingston:

Finding a great Chiropractor inKingston 12401 can be very hard to find. Often times we think of chiropractors as sandwiches In a fast food chain. Seriously though, we think each chiropractor will provide the same services. When in fact it is the direct opposite. Chiropractors in Kingston are fact very different from one another. Kingston chiropractors often practice very differently in a number of ways. One chiropractor may only see you for 60 seconds, another chiropractor may spend 10 minutes with you and 5 other people going back and forth. Some chiropractors may have an open adjusting room while other chiropractors may have separated rooms. Chiropractic techniques also vary greatly from one doctor to the next according to there formal training. Kingston has a wide variety of chiropractors practicing different techniques.

Luckily Dr. Smaldone has trained in five different chiropractic technique which all vary greatly providing patient care. Have you ever been to a carpenter who only has a hammer for a tool. Everything to that carpenter looks like a nail if you know what we mean. In order to provide the best patient care we train in different techniques which allows us to provide the best patient care as a chiropractor we can.

Hints and questions to help you find a great chiropractor in Kingston, Ny:   ( we just answered the chiropractic questions because people call to ask these questions of us all the time)

Ask if the doctor see's one patient at a time or multiple? Do you want to be in a room with other chiropractic  patients while getting treated?
     - We have individual adjusting rooms

Ask what type of chiropractic technique they use? Activator, gonstead, thompson drop, diversified, acupressure, or SOT?
    - At our chiropractic office in Kingston we use all of the above in treatment.

Ask your chiropractor? how long they spend with each patient. If they say 30seconds run. A chiropractor in the kingston region should be spending at minimum of 6-15minutes on a patient on average.

Ask what insurances do they accept at that particular chiropractic office? We accept all insurances.

Ask what other services do they provide? We provide PROM, Cold laser, Spinal decomp, massage therapy, and Myofascial release.

Ask what time is the chiropractic office in Kingston open? some people prefer to come for a chiropractic adjustment before work, during, or after work. We are open 8am-6:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We hope this helps you find the best chiropractor in Kingston for you possible.


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