Smaldone Chiropractic in Kingston, NY

Kinesio tape

Dr Smaldone has been using Kinesio tape for over 15 years since his day's of athletic training in Cortland,  NY.  We use this in our clinic on injuries to assist in range of motion, decrease pain, restrict range of motion, and decrease healing time. Kinesio tape can be used on a a variety of place such as the neck, knees, hips, lowback, and injured shoulders.

One of the most successful places Dr Smaldone has used kinesio tape is the shoulder. The shoulder is a multiplanar joints that is loose by nature is order for people to have a wide range of motion. Normally, this is great because it allows us to reach, grab, and hold  things in different positions. However, when injured, a already loose joint becomes to loose and unstable. This tape when applied kinesiotape supports the jiont, assists it in motion, and can relieve pain. When used with a collaboration with a other therapies people see injuries they have had for years often disappear. 

Kinesiotape can be used almost every part of the body to help assist in the recovery process of the patients. It is crucial in helping to maintain the integrety of the joint while your therapy in this office is going on.


r. Also the natural weight of the arm against gravity puts a ton of pressure on the joint. By the use of Kinesio Tape in collarboration with therapies

we support the joint during and allow it to heal through