Smaldone Chiropractic in Kingston, NY

Smaldone Chiropractic, Kingston, NY

Uptown Parking Lot. Park directly behind building in the 12 John spots.

We accept almost ALL insurances.
Blue cross blue shield
1099 Insurance
....and dozens more
Cash discounts also available if eligable. Call now to find out more info:

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     Welcome to Smaldone Chiropractic located in Kingston, NY. Serving patients since 1998 in the heart of Kingston, NY. Dr. Smaldone's family has been serving this area for over 40 years.  

     Smaldone Chiropractic focuses every bit of our energy in order to get patients out of pain and back to their normal lives as soon as possible. Chiropractic is a 100% hands on approach to getting people well by allowing the body to heal itself. Dr. Smaldone has dedicated his life to making sick people well through natural chiropractic care. Dr. Smaldone is a sports based chiropractor who is know throughout the world for his publications and management of difficult injuries.

        At our chiropractic office you can expect prompt service. It is our policy that no patient waits more than 15 minutes. We actually believe that in a Doctors office you should be seen at the time of your appointment, imagine that! The key to our chiropractic success in Kingston is that we cherish each patient as if they were our own family. We customize each chiropractic treatment using
adjustments, cold laser, spinal traction, and myofascial release
in order to get some of the best results possible. 

      We would personally like to invite you to our new office to look around and have a consultation.  We are located at  12 John St, Kingston NY 12401. Private Parking available. Phone number 845-338-8404

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